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Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, Maestro, Applepay or Twint on site.

Business coaching online via Skype or Facetime. The payment takes place with reservation via credit card or Paypal.  


Dates can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the full amount is due, payable by credit card / Maestro or in cash.

I offer coaching and treatments in German, Englisch und French.

Offer Business Coaching

Single session 70 min. -> Price CHF 245

I study previously submitted curriculum vitae or other documents in advance. This is included in the counselling session. For more than 15 pages, I charge the time according to effort. 


Package for private clients: 5 sessions per 90 minutes on your desired topic incl. feedback on submitted documents costs CHF 2220 CHF, payable at the first session with credit card


Coprorate client package: 5 sessions of 90 minutes each, 2 - 3 sessions on site at your company, study of documents and suggestions for change prepared by me costs CHF 3555 CHF, payable at the first session with credit card or invoice.

Offering Akashic Records Readings

Reading/Consulting 30 min. -> Price CHF 110

Reading/Consulting 45 min. -> Price CHF 150

Reading/Consulting 60 min. -> price CHF 200


Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, Maestro, Applepay or Twint on site. Online Readings/Consulting can be paid right after the session with credit card or maestro card remotely. 

Akashic records readings are readings/consulting/coaching/healing which is happening in connection with your book of life. Your book of life is responding to your questions around gaining clarity for your life or business life/situation, challenges with relationships of any kind or family constellations where you are seeking for a new approach. With your permission I will access during our session your book life. I will be your channel and transmit the information I get and you can find clarity, support and information what is the next possible step that may helps you to grow/move further. The responsibility for any changes remains with you. Connection with the book of life can bring you new inspiration or views to wherever you stand in life. 

Offer Aura Transformation

Treatment 70 min. -> Price CHF 245

Needs assessment and treatment

Treatment for students 70 min. -> Price CHF 200

Assessment of the needs and treatment


Treatment for children & teenagers up to 14 years approx. 50 min. -> price CHF 140

Needs assessment and treatment


Aura technique/Aura surgery is also called vibrational medicine. With the various applications we change the vibration in the energy field, which also affects the physical body. The cells can oscillate more freely and so often more ease is perceptible up to healing. A holistic approach for body, mind and soul!

During the treatment I am accompanied by the spiritual world. Archangels and angels like other spirit. They support me and lead me to the highest well-being of the client, myself and all involved parties.

Treatments are only possible with the consent of the client's guardian. It may be that a treatment based on the knowledge of the matter would be helpful, but the Guardian does not agree, so I am not allowed to do it. In addition, the customer can say NO at any time, because the free will must be respected by me at all times. Sometimes it is also advisable to do a treatment at a later date or parts of it.


Through the treatments the self-healing powers are strengthened and can bring further healing.

My treatments and consultations are no substitute for medical treatments and/or diagnoses. All statements are recommendations based on the experiences made in energy work and/or which I made myself. It is the responsibility of each individual to check which suggestions are accepted or implemented. The treatments set impulses in the energy field and can change a lot. Everyone has a free will and so the same techniques can bring different changes. We all live in a field of resonance. Everything we think and feel has an external and internal effect and reflects back on us.

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Aura Transformation, Akashic Records Reading & Business Coaching

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