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About Priska Weiss

Change for me is development! To live and experience balance is central for me. 


My enthusiasm to accompany people for more balance, lightness, love and freedom is great. Many years of professional experience as a Senior HR Professional and member of the Executive Board are groundbreaking for both business coaching and energy work.

Aura technique is a wonderful and healing method for me. The various treatment techniques facilitate our energy field as well as our physical body from efforts/complaints of a decrepit nature.

The effect is usually noticeable after 2 - 3 treatments and often brings more serenity and balance. 

Years of physical or emotional discomfort, impassability of personal or professional life transform and we often feel more strength and energy as well as relief and peace.

Since my childhood I have been interested in understanding people and animals more deeply in their actions. For about 25 years I worked as a human resources manager in national and international companies. At the turn of the millennium I trained as a systemic coach, practiced NLP and then learned the great possibilities of Aura Technique and Aura Surgery. Since May 2019 I am certified as teacher Aura Technique and Aura Surgery. Infinitely grateful how much I was able to go into transformation and healing again in a short time. I am always very grateful and pleased when customers (children and adults) tell me about their changes. A huge gift for the person concerned like mankind. 

My two children teach me a lot.  It is always touching to see how they experience wonderful relief when they are a little ill. I am thrilled that without taking medicine we can promptly bring relief or even healing by changing the vibration in the energy field. 

In November 2019 I successfully completed the training to consultant in Akashic records readings with Gabrielle Orr. I love to support human beings while being a channel to read in their book of live. It is amazing how we can learn and change while getting the view of an eagle. Being to close is sometimes stopping us from recognizing what is the best next step/action that needs to be taken to live a happy, harmonic, peaceful and successful life. 

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Priska Weiss

Aura Transformation & Business Coaching

Im Obstgarten 9

8414 Buch am Irchel bei Winterthur

+41 79 618 8780


Direction by car:

Motorway exit Winterthur Wülflingen

Parking space directly end of dead end road, marked with my name 


Public transport:

Bus stop Buch am Irchel (SBB Link)





Aura Transformation, Akashic Records Reading & Business Coaching

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