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Aura Technique

Various treatments clarify the energy field, i.e. the aura, which has a direct influence on the well-being of our physical body.


The treatments take place predominantly in the energy body, so that little to no touching of the body takes place.


Different strengths of blockades can be solved. In relation to the subject, the cause of the discomfort can also lie in karmic patterns. The balancing of the chakras as well as the cleaning of the chakras contributes to a greater balance.

Holy Sleep brings wellness to the energy field.

The introduction of homeopathic remedies or symbols into the energy field strengthens the immune system.

Magnetopathy, soul repatriation, neuroplasty 5D, Holy Sleep II, soul puzzle are profound treatments, to name just a few of the techniques.


Reprogramming of the chakras at the back can relief the spine and much more.

I often use a combination of different techniques.

Infinite Healing Words  -  Healer's open

Aura surgery

With surgical instruments without touching the physical body, discomforts can be operated and the energy field experiences relief and supports the body in the healing process.

Children, for example, can be fitted with energetic dental braces.

Numerology and Pentagram

It is wonderful to experience what our date of birth tells us. Depending on the issue, I also incorporate my knowledge from this area and bring suggestions to our discussion. 

Ointments according to a secret Essen recipe


This healing technique was only accessible to a few people for over 2000 years. Today we have the consent of the spiritual world to bring this technique into the world and apply it to the miraculous healing of human beings.

To be allowed to anoint people is an honor and can heal a client’s physical, psychological or emotional matter in depth.

Possible Reasons for Aura Technique, Aura Surgery or Ointment Treatment

Similar pain and/or behavior patterns appear again and again.... 

Mental or physical blockages of any kind can bring impulses of relaxation.

Migraine always comes back....

Different allergies that take our energy field swing

Fears of various kinds and origins slow down our progress

Diseases that expose us to great stress can experience relief through the aura technique, which can be a valuable supplement to classical medicine.

Grievances that have accompanied you since early childhood

At work or with family we are always confronted with similar or the same challenges/blockades.

The desire for treatment without medication or intervention in the physical body .....

impulses for dealing with people/children, nutrition, actions, procedures or ……

To give support to children with school and/or personal challenges to go other ways.....

School medicine is reaching its limits and you are looking for other insights....

Unfulfilled desire to have children


Search for clarity and purpose....

Career reorientation

Blockades in the partnership ....Desire for a partner



My customers are people who take responsibility for their lives and seek new ways for balance, clarity, love and ease.

Executives who recognize that they want a change and/or want other behaviors, get out of the hamster wheel.

People who take decision and courageously follow their destiny.

Children who want to release blockages to live their potential.

People who want to get to know something new that does not follow the trail of orthodox medicine. 

My strength is that I know/understand very well the dynamics and challenges of the business world, especially the middle and upper management level, and that I draw a bow to personal and emotional blockades as well as fears and limiting beliefs. I can quickly and easily see what possible challenges exist, share feedback and adjust the treatment for more balance, clarity and success. The balance between family and career is close to my heart. Here I accompany women in particular as well as men to more balance and calmness.

Treatment process

Depending on the matter of the customer, I use the appropriate technic. The guardian of the treating person gives me permission for the treatment as well as the type of treatment. I can address the guard via the solar plexus. There is the guardian of every human being and knows what is the best and most effective method at the time of treatment.


Usually in the first session the energy field is purified and often dissolution of karmic entanglements brings great healing. I often use the Holy Sleep treatment, which we describe as wellness for the energy system.


In the 2nd or 3rd session further techniques will be applied to further liberate the system. Through the treatments the self-healing is activated or strengthened and thus brings the body and the energy field back into more balance and harmony. Often, I get the feedback that people feel calmer, stronger and more relaxed.


It is recommended to not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before the treatment as well as 1 - 2 days afterwards.  Taking it a little easier for the first 1 – 3 days after the treatment promotes the integration in the body as well as the energy field. Light nutrition further relieves the body and is helpful.


Aura technique/Aura surgery is also called vibration medicine. With the various applications we change the vibration in the energy field, which also affects the physical body. The cells can vibrate more freely, get new information and often more ease is noticeable up to healing. A holistic approach for body, mind and soul!


During the treatment I am accompanied by the spiritual world. Archangels and angels and other spirits. They support me and lead me to the highest well-being of the client, myself and all involved parties. 

Treatments are only possible with the consent of the client's guardian. It may be that a treatment from the knowledge of the matter would be helpful, but the Guardian does not agree, so I am not allowed to do it. In addition, the customer can say NO at any time, because the free will must be respected by me at all times. Sometimes it is also advisable to do a treatment at a later date or parts of it. 


Through the treatments the self-healing powers are strengthened and can bring further healing. 

Offering Aura Transformation

Treatment 70 min. -> Price CHF 245

Assessment of the needs and treatment

Treatment for students 70 min. -> Price CHF 200

Assessment of the needs and treatment

Treatment for children & teenagers up to 14 years approx. 50 min. -> price CHF 140

Assessment of the needs and treatment


Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, Maestro, Applepay or Twint on site. 


Dates can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the full amount is due, payable via Twint or with an invoice.


My treatments and consultations are no substitute for medical treatments and/or diagnoses. All statements are recommendations based on the experiences made in energy work and/or which I made myself. It is the responsibility of each individual to check which suggestions are accepted or implemented. The treatments set impulses in the energy field and can change a lot. Everyone has a free will and therefore the same techniques can bring different changes. We all live in a field of resonance. Everything we think and feel has an effect inside and outside and reflects back on us. 

Holistic health concept of zen stones wi


Aura Transformation, Akashic Records Reading & Business Coaching

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