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Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic records is your book of life. This book stores your past, your present as well as your future. As human beings we incarnate again and again. All these experiences remain in our energy field and influence us how we act and move today. 
Missing clarity, blockages, repeating patterns manifest in our personal and/or business life. 
Asking questions that are bothering you in your life can bring a great clarity or step forward. With your permission I will access your book of life and be your channel where you gain answers for open questions in your life. 
The feedback/inspiration you get will help you define your next steps or actions. 
You own your life and define at any point how you move on. Guidance from your book of life supports your journey to invite more love, peace, harmony, balance and ease your life.
Readings can take place in person or online via phone or video. Recording is allowed. Already a 30 minutes session can open you up and bring new possible solutions for any kind of challenge. 

Heart from a book page against a beautif

Possible Reasons for Akashic Records Readings

Repeating questions / believes / habits 

Personal or business challenges and/or unclarity

Disharmony in relationships of any kind
Confusion in your partnership/relationship with your spouse
Concerns in your family dynamic

Health issues of any kind; readings can be a great add-on to the classical medicine

Disturbance, anxiety or fear of any kind

Overwhelmed of any situation

What is my next step/move? 

Where is my journey heading to?

AND MUCH MORE...........

My customers are people who take responsibility for their lives and seek new ways for balance, clarity, love and ease.

Executives who recognize that they want a change and/or want other behaviors, get out of the hamster wheel.

People who take decision and courageously follow their destiny.

Children who want to release blockages to live their potential.

People who want to get to know something new that does not follow the trail of orthodox medicine/treatments. 

My strength is that I know/understand very well the dynamics and challenges of the business world as well as the spiritual world. In companies I have deep insights to the mechanics of middle and upper management level, and that I draw the connection to personal and emotional blockades as well as fears and limiting beliefs. I can quickly and easily see where possible challenges come from, share feedback and consult for more balance, clarity, peace and success. The balance between family and career is close to my heart. Here I accompany women in particular as well as men to find more balance and calmness.

Treatment process

After a short introduction and discussion regarding the desired outcome, I will, with your permission, connect with your Akasha Chronic. As soon as I have built the channel to your Akasha Chronic, which takes around 2 - 4 minutes, you can start raising your questions/challenges you want to know more about. I will share with you the information, picture or situation that I get. I might not always comprehend the meaning of what presents itself, but as it is strongly connected to your situation and life it will likely resonate with you. I tell directly and authentic what I see or hear. Based on my experience it is always very meaningful for the person that I do the reading for. 


I can not project the future or take any decision on your behalf. The responsibility remains with you. The reading in the Akasha Chronic brings clarity/guidance what is a good/meaningful next step/move for you to do/go. 

Offering Akasha Chronic Readings

Reading/Consulting 30 min. -> Price CHF 110

Reading/Consulting 45 min. -> Price CHF 150

Reading/Consulting 60 min. -> price CHF 200


Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, Maestro, Applepay or Twint on site. Online Readings/Consulting can be paid right after the session with credit card or maestro card remotely. 


Dates can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the full amount is due, payable via Twint or credit card/maestro card remotely. 


My readings/consulting is bringing new ideas/impulses into your life and energy field. Many things can change. Everyone has a free will and therefore the same approach can bring different changes/results. We all live in a field of resonance. Everything we think and feel has an effect inside and outside and reflects back on us. 



Aura Transformation, Akashic Records Reading & Business Coaching

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